Today Gold Rate in Kerala – Kerala Gold Rate

Kerala Gold Rate: Are you in search of “Today Gold Rate in Kerala“? Then your search ends here. In this article, we are updating the gold rate today in Kerala with the help of the daily gold price chart and gold rate graph. We are daily updating the gold prices of 1 Gram and 1 Pavan 24K gold in Kerala. So let’s see..

Today Gold Rate in Kerala

1 Gram ₹ 4,200
1 Pavan (8 Grams)₹ 33,600

Today Gold Rate in Kerala Trend

While checking today gold rate in Kerala it is also important to compare it with the previous day. So we can easily understand the current gold price trend. It may be increasing, decreasing or have no change.

Today’s Gold RateKerala Gold Rate today
No Change

Kerala Gold Rate | March 2021

The people of Kerala always love to buy gold and gold ornaments during festive seasons and occasions like wedding, engagements, name ceremony etc. So that the mallus always check the gold rate to understand the gold rate trends. In most cases, people are checking Kerala Gold Rate is for knowing if the today gold rate in Kerala is decreasing or not.

In we are updating the daily gold rate in Kerala. For getting daily Kerala gold rates you can bookmark this page and visit daily.

Highest and Lowest Kerala Gold Rate – March 2021

Lowest Gold Rate:₹ 33,1605th March 2021
Highest Gold Rate:₹ 34,4401st March 2021

Kerala Gold Rate Graph | March 2021

A monthly graph of the gold rate helps you to identify the trend of gold prices. In this Gold Rate vs Date graph, the curve shows the daily variations in the gold price. The Kerala gold rate graph will help you to understand the price of 1 Pavan gold (8gram, 22Carat) on each day of this month. If you consider a chart of the 1 Gram gold rate in Kerala you will also see a similar curve in the Kerala Gold Rate.

kerala gold rate

Kerala Gold Rate Price Chart | March 2021

The below table shows the monthly Kerala gold rate price chart of 1 Gram gold and 1 Pavan Gold (22 Carat). You can compare the gold rates of each day with the help of this table. The table shows the current date and gold rate for 1 Gram gold and 1 Pavan gold in the respective columns. So you can evaluate the Kerala gold rate fast and easy with this price chart.

Date 1 Gram Gold Rate 1 Pavan Gold Rate
01-Mar-21 ₹ 4305

(Highest of Month)

₹ 34440

(Highest of Month)

02-Mar-21 ₹ 4210 ₹ 33680
03-Mar-21 ₹ 4245 ₹ 33960
04-Mar-21 ₹ 4180 ₹ 33440
05-Mar-21 ₹ 4145

(Lowest of Month)

₹ 33160

(Lowest of Month)

06-Mar-21 ₹ 4170 ₹ 33360
07-Mar-21 ₹ 4170 ₹ 33360
08-Mar-21 ₹ 4200 ₹ 33600
09-Mar-21 ₹ 4165 ₹ 33320
10-Mar-21 ₹ 4180 ₹ 33440
11-Mar-21 ₹ 4215 ₹ 33720
12-Mar-21 ₹ 4185 ₹ 33480
13-Mar-21 ₹ 4200 ₹ 33600


₹ 4200 ₹ 33600

Gold Rate in Kerala

There is no doubt that Gold is the most valuable metal in Kerala. People love to buy gold in different forms like gold coins, ornaments, bullion etc. Nowadays people consider this yellow metal as a sign of status and wealth. But mostly gold is a traditional way of investment.

Gold in Kerala is mostly purchased for personal celebrations like wedding, engagements, birthdays etc. Malayalees also purchase gold for events like Onam, Akshaya Tritiya when there are a lot of discounts and exciting offers available for the Kerala gold rate. Most people check Today Gold Rate Kerala during these festive seasons.

The main factors that determine the Today Gold Rate in Kerala are;

  • International Gold Rates
  • State Taxes
  • Local Taxes
  • Making Charges
  • GST
  • Transportation Charges
  • And many more

Gold Rate Today in Kerala

Most people who check today gold price in Kerala on the internet want to buy gold for weddings, engagements, etc. We have updated the gold rate today in Kerala in this article. To check the gold rate in Kerala today you can daily visit our site. The daily gold price varies each day due to many reasons. So checking the Kerala gold rate price today become easy with our chrome extension.

Buying Gold in Kerala

There are a number of jewellery shops in every city in the land of Kerala. Every famous city including Kochi, Trivandrum, Kozhikode (Calicut), Trissur etc. has plenty of gold jewellery. The most popular jewellery shops in Kerala are Malabar Gold, Joy Alukas, Jos Alukas, Chunkath Jewellery etc. You just need to visit these shop fronts and can buy gold. But don’t forget to check the Kerala gold rate before going.

There are a lot of private gold sellers and banks like SBI that sells gold coins in Kerala. This reduces the fraudulence in gold purchase in Kerala. The gold coins are available in different sizes ranging from 1 gram to 50 grams. The main reason that people doesn’t buy gold coins is that there is no guarantee of buying back. Moreover, people have to pay extra money to buy gold coins from banks and this is why people prefer gold ornaments than coins.

Gold as an Investment in Kerala

Gold is a traditional form of investment. There are a lot of people who loves to buy gold in Kerala as an investment. The Kerala gold rate has consistently been breaking the inflation for years, say experts. Hence the experts are suggesting customers not buying gold as a short time investment. Gold can be bought in different forms as an investment after checking ‘today gold rate in Kerala‘.

  • Jewellery – No metal can replace gold ornaments for a new bride in Kerala. Malayalees have a stronger bond towards this precious metal from ages.
  • Coins – Gold coins are another form of investment. Mainly these coins are available in different sizes and qualities and are used for gifting purposes.
  • Bullion – The bulk quality of gold, mainly in the form of gold bars is known as bullion.
  • Commodity Exchange – The yellow metal is used as a commodity in Multi Commodity Exchange popularly known as MCX and in National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)

Gold Loan in Kerala

During the financial disaster, the people of Kerala raise money by taking gold loans from Banks or other NBFS (Non-Banking Financial Services). The famous NBFS or private gold loan companies in Kerala are Muthoot Finance and Manapuram Finance. These NBFS approve the gold loan within minutes. The loan amount is dependent on the weight and quality of the gold. Apart from these two, there are also many more NBFS in Kerala.

Muthoot Finance and Manapuram Finance offers comparatively good interest rates. But before taking a gold loan you should check the interest rates in Banks and other local gold loan companies. The interest rates vary from time to time with locations to locations. So that it is hard to tell which would be better for you. You should also consider checking the Kerala gold rate before it.

It is better to take gold loans when the gold rate in Kerala is high. The extra thing you have to keep in mind is the processing fees and the interest rates. Gold loans from private NBFS are quick comparing to banks. You will get instant gold loan within minutes after submitting required documents.

Final Words on Kerala Gold Rate

The Kerala Gold Rate is changing day by day. No one can predict the exact daily gold rate in Kerala. To get the daily gold prices you can bookmark this page or you can add our chrome extension to your browser. We have shared gold price today in Kerala as the gold rate in Kerala today 1gm and gold rate today in Kerala 1 pavan, gold rate today in Kerala. We hope you have bookmarked our website to check the daily gold rate in Kerala.

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FAQs: About Gold Rate in Kerala

What is the rate of Gold in Kerala?

The rate of gold in Kerala varies day by day. You can visit to know the daily gold prices.

Is Gold cheap in Cochin?

When compared to other states, the gold rate in Kochi is cheap.

Which state has lowest gold rate in India?

Kerala. At present, the gold rate in Kerala and in some cities of Karnataka is the cheapest when compared to other cities like Mumbai or Delhi.

Why gold rates are increasing in Kerala?

The gold rate in Kerala is affected by its International rate. Over the last few days due to rising Covid-19 cases, US-China tensions and overall economic slowdowns result in the increasing gold rate.

Disclaimer: These Kerala gold rates are exclusive of GST and making charges. Gold rate in Kerala indicated in this page makes no guarantee or warranty on the accuracy or completeness of the data provided on this site. Nothing contained herein is intended or shall be deemed to be investment advice, implied or otherwise. Always consult your registered adviser to assist you with your investments.